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                                                                          s awmill

                                                                    f quality local lumber f

                                                                    Local fir, cedar, and hemlock
                                                                    in stock in a range of grades
                                                                     and at competitive prices.
               BECCA‘S BEANS                  Located on              Sawdust, firewood, and
                  COFFEE ROASTERIE         Cortes Island              kindling available from
                                                                           time to time.
             „Great coffee begins in the ground and ends in a smile“    f custom milling f
                   100% Arabica Speciality Grade Coffee                We can cut a log of any
            Organic, fairly traded, wholesale/retail, custom roasting  dimension into lumber of any
                                                                      size, up to 60’ in length.
                          250-935-0181                               Our bandmill is set up for

                  larger beams, decking and
                                                                     siding, as well as live edge
                                                                        Trucks and trailers
              BILL WHEELER                                          available for pick-up of logs,
                                                                    and delivery of your lumber.
              Carpenter & Orchardist             935-6384

                                     Carpentry     Orchards
                                       Fences      Planning
                                       Gates       Planting
                                    Landscaping   Consulting
                                       Design      Pruning
                                                                      g by appointment only g

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