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2021 Cortes phone book

                     Medical                           How to use the
               Emergencies                                Phone Book

            For  AMBULANCE SERVICE call 911.       The alphabetical listings of the White Pages
            This number contacts the BC Ambu-      include private & participating business
            lance Dispatch in Victoria.            listings for Cortes Island. For easy orientation
            1.                                     participating businesses are also listed by
            Give the dispatcher full particulars:   category in the Business Directory. Private
                                                   listings are free of charge. For business  adver-
            name, telephone number, location & the   tising options and rates: please check page 45.
            problem. Don’t hang up until the dis-
            patcher has hung up.                   For complete government and other non-local
            2.                                     numbers which are not included in this phone
            The dispatcher activates the pagers    book - please check the Telus book.
            of the two B.C. Ambulance attendants
            on duty on Cortes, who immediately     To save space, most street names have been
            phone Victoria for details.            abbreviated and the word, “Rd” for “Road”has
            3.                                     usually been dropped altogether.
            The two attendants proceed to the ac-  Please dial “250” before numbers in the book
            cident/illness scene & contact Emer-   unless other area codes are supplied. Thanks!
            gency Health Service to advise on nec-
            essary action. HELP THEM FIND YOU by
            having someone greet the ambulance,
            if possible, at your driveway entrance.
            4.                                            Cover Photo
            Depending on the seriousness of the
            problem, the patient may remain on
            the island or be evacuated by helicop-
            ter, Coast Guard or ferry.

                       100 % post consumer paper.                    Butterfly
                       Your phone book is printed on:
                                                                     on Cortes Island
                       CERTIFIED FSC®, ECOLOGO AND
                       PROCESSED CHLORINE FREE (PCF)                 Photo:
                       PAPER                                         Richard Trueman

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